Each order is as individual as the client and as such is very special to us; as a result prices are always negotiable for any specific order. To receive your free quotation please contact us via e-mail.

Price is calculated on the number of words in the source text and depends on the specific content of the text, preferable deadline as well as the software used. In the case of a word count being less than 250 words a minimum fee (the price of a standard page) is applicable.

Payment policy

For regular clients invoices are issued monthly (at the end of each calendar month) with a payment period of 15 days. In other cases, invoices are issued immediately once the completed translation has been delivered, with a payment period of 15 days.

Bank transfer for amounts in excess of 30,-EUR/40,-USD (all bank transfer charges to be covered by the client).

Moneybookers & PayPal only for sums below 30,-EUR/40,-USD